Donation and recent repairs


I have recently received a letter and cheque, for the benefit of Lillingstone Dayrell P.C.C., from William Swan of Currey and Co., and on behalf of The Robarts Charitable Trust. I write to thank you and the Trustees for this very welcome donation, which has been received by the P.C.C. with considerable gratitude.

The font relocation and toilet construction work are now fully completed and operational, with just a further payment instalment to be made. With the benefit of this installation the Church is to be used next Tuesday for a Deanery “quiet day”, which should help to put it on the map. I don’t know the form for this day, but I am told that the leader is a well known writer and broadcaster.

I am, this week, in the process of hanging on the nave wall a framed rubbing of the large Chancel brass memorial of 2 Dayrells dating from the 16th century. The rubbing, now printed on silk, was a gift from a gentleman from The States who did the original rubbing about 30 years ago

A further wish, when funds permit, is to seek advice and approval to repair long-standing broken elements of the damaged figures on the large tomb in the centre of the Chancel.

In the churchyard the large horse chestnut tree, that partially overhangs your mother’s grave, has been exhibiting serious signs of “bleeding canker”, a disease that affects this particular species. It may eventually require removal as it can become a danger to personnel and the adjacent Church itself. However many of the lower branches, at least , are now developing the characteristic sticky buds and so we hope it will survive this year. Last year though there was a good deal of dieback amongst the higher branches.

Finally, thank you once again to the trustees.

Kind regards

John Hockley